Wednesday, 7 January 2015

30, 000 points of fantasy

So the date has been set, the armies are prepared for End Times and nothing will stop the slaughter!

30, 000 points of Legions of Chaos and Undead Legions vs Legions of Chaos and Chaos Dwarfs.

The Gods are looking down with pride on their mortal subjects; whispering promises into their hearts to ensure they stay the course and gain glory for themselves and their Gods...

I'm so pumped for this game. Can't wait to see the armies lined up against each other.

We'll be taking pics as we go, so stay tuned on Monday to see who is more favoured in the Chaos Gods eyes :-)


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Glottkin pt 4

Here is a little update. The Apoxie in the cork will be tusks/teeth.
The start of the face and the shape of the ankle.
Getting there... slowly :P
It is fun making your own model though.
These little nubs will be teeth once i have filed them back into nice points :)