Thursday, 23 October 2014

The End Times is Official!

So Games Workshop just issued a new FAQ for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. They can be found here: 
Warhammer Fantasy Battle FAQ
 It includes a massive change to Warhammer. This change is huge. It brings us back to the glory days (or should that be the gory days) of Herohammer. The End Times are here to stay with the lore of Undeath and 50% Lords and 50% Heroes. This is massive guys. Now we can field multiple Daemon Princes, units of Heroes, multiple lv4 casters etc etc Once the dust has settled i'll start formulating cheesy lists to destroy the forces of Nurgleprototype... Your going down buddy ;)

So now this opens up the use of a Hortennse Tzeentch Lord, Lv4 Disc Sorcerer and a Slaanesh DP all in the same list... or 2 DP's.... Or... well you get the idea hehe

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed

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