Friday, 26 December 2014

I'm back from a warp anomaly....

Hi all,
Sorry about the lack of communication, I have recently had my second child and he has taken over my spare time... as to be expected :P
Anyway, I have managed to do some hobby over the last few days,

This is the start of my scratch built Glottkin
Hooray for tin foil!! most of the frame is a coat-hanger and tin foil with a bit of cork-it for stability
the basic layers of Apoxie-sculpt

He is obviously in the early stages, but the style is pretty close so I don't think it'll be a big problem

The reason I am making a Glottkin is twofold; 1: becasue it is awesome, 2: Vantraxx and I have organised an epic End Times game. 

30,000 points of fantasy to be played on one day.  
Can't wait...
I'm using Legions of Chaos and Undead Legions, while Vantraxx is using Legions of Chaos and Chaos Dwarfs
The chaos gods will be pleased with the slaughter that is going to take place that day  >D

Anyway, hope everyone had a great Xmas and has a good new year!


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