Monday, 22 September 2014

Dark Mechanicus part 2

So got some time to do some converting on my Dark Mechanicus : D

After looking at the sprue of the Shock Troopers I found one of the other guns (with a bit of chopping) would look good as a vent/ power generator...

After placing it I wasn't happy, it didn't look like it would hold enough power.
Then I remembered the CD player I found last week had a bunch of capacitors (dont really know if they are called that.... but, eh)

So with a bit of cutting I got these (the little ones)
Then I just super glued them onto the pack

From there it was just adding cables to give it that Mechanicus look


I'm very happy with these so far! I dont know if I want to add more mech type stuff or just paint them Chaosy.

Here is a family shot of the box :)

Still going to add cables and wires but you get the idea...

Hope you like them so far,

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