Friday, 12 September 2014

Endangerment Room Update

Endangerment Room part 2

Here are some photos of what I have done over the last few days...

The Endangerment room in all its *cough* glory! (so far)

All the separate pieces, which can be moved around inside the room. 

The individual parts. 

The idea behind the terrain is a planet that the EI control and that the Shasvastii or the Caskuda originate from. My vision is that the home planet of the Caskuda is like a coral reef but without water, they get the nutrients from the swampy ground.

The rocks are pumice that I found at a local beach. 
Most of the upright stalks are brass tubing. 
The stalks in the upper middle of the image are power cable that is used in power points.
The round piece in the bottom left corner is a plastic shot glass, the ones that patients usually get when given medication :P
I also used some high density foam to bulk out some of the areas.

There is a lot more to go still, but hopefully in the next few days I can do some more.

Mitch (Nurgleprototype)

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