Monday, 15 September 2014

The Maw of Geheb

I have many armies in Warhammer, one of the larger ones would be my Ogres (probably 6k+)
They have been through many different incarnations of how I wanted them to look...

However, recently I landed on the theme!!! (such a victory for me :P)

My Ogre tribe "The Maw of Geheb" is based on the tribe going for a wander and finding themselves in Nehekhara.

Seeing as there is only Skeletons around they thought eating these would be upsetting, so came to an agreement with the TK's and only eat the meat of the invaders that try to steal the riches of the TK's.

Both parties get the benefits :D

I've only started recently with the painting side of things, although I will get more of my conversion up here soon.

I think it will tie in well with a Legion of Undead when I get around to it :P


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