Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Dark Mechanicus rise.......

The beginning of a long thought of project is always daunting.

The variables in what you conceive, to how they will actually come to fruition is painstaking. 
Finding models and then how much effort you want/need to produce your vision can be frustrating, but...

Striking something that fits your idea is so satisfying, hence...

The start of my Dark Mechanicus army!
I will be using the rules from the Horus Heresy Extermination book (Tagmata)

These will be the Tech-thralls/ Adsecularis

Obviously I will be doing more to these; tubing and powerpacks, but generally they are perfect for what I want to achieve :D

The look of these models is awesome for where I want to go with my Dark Mechanicus.

I am really looking forward to getting these painted, however I am still a bit undecided about which colours I should go with...

The basic Mars Red, except dirty.
Dark browns and blacks, with lots of OSL (Object Source Lighting)
or something completely different, because Chaos is fickle! 

If anyone out there has a suggestion for a colour scheme, drop a comment here!


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